#30DaysWild | Day Nineteen – Eating Dinner Outside

We’ve had a heatwave here in the UK, and while I’m not the biggest fan of hot weather (helloo… my most want to visit holiday destination is Iceland…) I am trying to make the most of it while it’s here.

As someone who suffers really badly with hayfever (my eyes literally bleed, guys.) I don’t often enjoy sitting outside and eating. But you know what? As I’m invested in 30 Days Wild, I decided to do just that – and it wasn’t actually that bad! Although, I didn’t even catch the sun a little bit in the entire hour we were outside; I feel like I’m destined to be the shade of milk for the rest of eternity…

My yummy dinner – IN RECYCLABLE CONTAINERS! :D If you’ve never had those crisps before – they are amazing. Gluten free, vegan, no MSG… and delicious! I did make a daisy chain, too – sorry little daisies!

Despite my legs breaking out in a horrible hayfever rash, I did enjoy eating dinner surrounded by nothing but nature! Yes, Katie, if you’re reading this, I’m classing you as part of nature :).

Decorated my Fit Bit with the daisies I had made a daisy chain out of – I think it looks great! Also featuring my three 4Ocean bands! Check out their website to find out more about what they stand for!

There wasn’t a single proper cloud in the sky, so I hoped that I’d at least change a little bit in colour, but it wasn’t to be :(.

Did you take part in 30 Days Wild today? What did you get up to?

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