#30DaysWild | Day Twenty – Re-Watch The Cove and Blackfish

I know this may seem like a strange challenge to set myself, but it’s something that I want to explain.

The Cove and Blackfish are what got me into wanting to protect the wildlife of our planet, and while I’ve seen both documentaries multiple times, there’s just something about watching them while doing a month-long challenge which requires me to get out in the wild that sticks a lump in my throat.

While I love seeing animals out in the wild, I think it’s important that, during this challenge, we remember those animals that were once free and now reside in concrete pools and other captive environments around the world.

I urge any animal lover to watch both The Cove and Blackfish at least once in their lifetime.

2 thoughts on “#30DaysWild | Day Twenty – Re-Watch The Cove and Blackfish

  1. I started to follow you. I’m going to “fix” up mine with maybe coding, I love coding but I need to do that from my laptop. I have my Dreamweaver there. I love coding and I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Now it’s easier to follow because I decided to reopen mine after 2 years. Maybe we could do a big campaign together. Hugs Kimberly

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