#30DaysWild | Day Eighteen – A Wilder Look At My Garden

There are so many flowers and plants in my garden, and I have no idea what half of them are. Today, I decided to get out and take a closer look at some of these beautiful blooms and learn a little bit more about the wildlife-filled space in my back garden.

The beautiful purple Salvia which we have three types of in pots. My dad bought them because they are well known to attract bees – in fact, they were conscious of bringing bees away with them in the car when they brought them home from the nursery! Luckily, all bees were left behind to carry on their work!

Here’s how my 30 Days Wild seedlings are getting on – they’re shooting up!

These are my ultimate favourite flowers in our garden. We have always had them, and I believe they are called Fuschia! I used to call them Ballet Dancers when I was younger because they look like a dancer pirouetting!

Empty snail shell chilling in the soil – hope this guy found a bigger, better home!

Foxgloves – we only seem to have these two flowers – I hope we get more!

Purple clover invading our lawn! I do love these little dots of colour, though!

Can you spot the little itty-bitty spider? He/she tried to land on my head and then decided better of it and went back up its web.

Marigolds – I love the red with a little bit of gold – reminds me of Gryffindor (even though I’m a proud Slytherin!) The one to the right is starting to die off – it makes me sad when flowers come to an end :(.

Some antirrhinum (or snap dragons) that we never planted in our garden… but come back bigger and more beautiful every year! Yay for self-seeding plants!

My rock collection that I started when I was younger! It’s a haven for woodlice and spiders and other creepy crawlies. There are rocks from all around the UK and Ireland here!

Another beautiful Marigold; doesn’t it look like it’s burning? I love it!

Not too sure what these are – we lost the label for them – anyone know? They are a beautiful lilac colour and are one of the more delicate looking flowers in the garden!

Another purple clover that caught my eye – they really are simply beautiful!

Another shade of the Salvia up close. I wish I’d taken pictures earlier in the day when all the bees were on them!

Finally, we found a Magpie feather lying in the grass! We’ve had a lot of bird action in our garden lately, with noisy jackdaws, pestering crows and cheeky magpies – I’m surprised we only found one feather!

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