Travel| 4 Places I Want to Visit Right Now (Part 1)

Credit: Pixabay (MartinStr)

It may come as a surprise to many of you that I’ve only recently got a passport. For someone who is extremely passionate about our world and environment, it’s taken me a lot longer than it should have to get a passport sorted and give myself the freedom to go wherever I want.

Bearing in mind that I’ve not been out of the UK or the Republic of Ireland for the past 26 years of my life, I’ve got itchy feet. I’ve never properly travelled before and I’ve already got the travelling bug – which can be seen as both a good and bad thing; good because “yay travelling”, bad because “boo money”.

So, where are my feet wanting to take me?

Stop #1 – Iceland

Icelandic Fjord
Credit: Pixabay (tpsdave)

I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland as I’m more of a cold person than a hot one; namely, I’d rather be cold than sweating my butt off in a hot country with very little motivation to move.

The main reason I want to go is probably pretty obvious – I want to see the whales. Following Tilly’s death and knowing that his family is somewhere in Icelandic waters, it’s made me want to head there as soon as possible. I’d also love to see the Aurora Borealis and take a look at the incredible geysers and glaciers – who knows, maybe I’ll even brave the Blue Lagoon’s warm waters!

Stop #2 – Japan

Sunset at Nagao Shrine, Japan
Credit: Pixabay (DeltaWorks)

Japan has been on my list of must visit places for probably about 12 years. Way back when I used to be an avid user of LiveJournal (no, I didn’t update there regularly, either) and I was quite heavily into watching anime and manga. Ever since, I’ve always wanted to head to Japan and see what the country has to offer.

Now, I know the question on everyone’s lips will be “will you go to Taiji”. While I’d absolutely love to head to Taiji and add my presence to the wonderful movement there, I’m hoping by the time I can afford to visit Japan, my presence won’t be needed. Maybe one day after I’ve visited Japan for a holiday rather than for activism purposes…

From the food, the incredible sounding hustle and bustle and even the fantastic, wacky shops – I want to see it all. I want to ride the Shinkansen. I want to visit a hot spring. I even want to stay in a traditional Ryokan. I also want to try proper ramen and sushi… although I will be making sure that I understand what I am eating before I go, especially with dolphin meat being sold under false labels in parts of Japan – not that I’d eat whale meat, either!

Stop #3 – New Zealand

Milford Sound, New Zealand
Credit: Pixabay (MartinStr)

I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to New Zealand. The country looks absolutely incredible, and I feel that a holiday there would just be so relaxing and full of walking and exploring.

The wildlife also really interests me and, again, they have their own killer whales that frequent their shores. The heat is the only thing that is putting me off, as I would rather go during months when it is warm, simply because I think I’d get the most out of a holiday under those conditions. However, my dislike of the warm weather that we get in the UK is probably an indicator that I need to find a month where the temperatures are a little less scorching!

One thing that I’ve seen a few people do is camp by the sea and I would love to wake up to sea air and beautiful sounds. Plus, the Lord of the Rings series was filmed there, and who doesn’t want to visit Hobbiton? Definitely me, as I think my just-over-5-foot-self would fit in well with the little houses!

Milford Sound is one of the places I have firmly on my “places to visit” list if I ever manage to get there!

Stop #4 – Portugal

Porto city, Portugal at night

I’m not going to lie, Portugal is a very recent addition to my travel bucket list, and it really is down to working with two amazing Portuguese ladies during the day! Marisa and Teresa, you are the sole reason that I want to visit your country – not may people can say that, huh?

In all seriousness, I feel like Portugal is a very “me” country. Aside from having an incredible array of traditional foods (which the more I hear about, the more my mouth waters), beautiful culture and stunning architecture and landscapes, I want to get a real feel for the country as a whole – and also take to the beaches, which is something that I never thought I’d hear myself say! Although, from the sounds of it, it’s best to go for an early morning stroll and leave by 11 am (thanks for the heads-up, Marisa and Teresa!)

Portugal also has an abundance of wildlife to see in the wild, including dolphins and whales – so guess what will be on my itinerary!


However, I know I’m going to end up jetting off to Portugal in the very near future; Até breve, Portugal! (Obrigada, Marisa!)

My list of places that I want to visit is extremely long, and to cover them all in one post will be impossible – so herein starts a brand new series!

Have you ever visited anywhere I’ve listed so far? Is there anywhere that I should definitely visit if I ever manage to travel to these countries? Or maybe you have a few holiday tips for me to follow, being a new world traveller in the making! Let me know in the comments!

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