#30DaysWild| Days Twenty Nine and Thirty – It’s Not Really the End!

So we’ve come to the end of the 30 Days Wild challenge! June has flown by, and I’m not entirely sure where it all went! I love taking part in this challenge every year, as it does really open my eyes to the nature that is quite literally on my doorstep, as well as get involved with some awesome causes and raise all important funds to help our planet as a whole.

Day Twenty Nine – Getting Bothered By A Bug

Now, I’m really not the biggest fans of bugs; worms are about as far as my love for them goes. So, when this little fella decided to make my screen his home for the afternoon, I was none too pleased. I didn’t kill him, however – I simply wafted him away, which after a few movements, he finally took off and sought solace on someone else’s screen for the remainder of the afternoon. Anyone know what kind of fly he is?

Day Thirty- The Perfect End to a Perfect 30 Days

There’s nothing really more to say about this challenge than that I can’t wait until next June when I get to do it all again! I love learning more and more about nature, and there’s still so much more for me to get stuck into!

I leave you with this very faint, but beautiful rainbow that ended June 30th.

Just proves to me that if you look hard enough, nature makes herself present even in the smallest ways.

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