#30DaysWild | Day Twenty Two through Twenty Eight

Yes, I know… it’s been quite a long time since my last update. June just always seems to be a month where life decides to ramp up and throw itself full-force in my direction, and I never really get a spare moment to sit back and just relax.

Now, that’s not to say that I haven’t been taking part in the 30 Days Wild challenge... oh, no! I simply haven’t had time to just sit down and write down what I’ve been up to!

Day Twenty Two – Saving a Bumble Bee

You may remember my interaction with a bee on Day Two of the challenge, but the super warm weather seems to have brought these fuzzy little fellas out even more – and they are incredibly dopey!

It’s one of the characteristics that I love about bees – they’re just so big and clumsy, it’s almost endearing! This time, a big bee decided to make our office home one afternoon, but seemed to find itself unable to get back outside again, and seemed to be getting agitated.

We eventually managed to get him out by gently opening the windows and guiding him with the blind. I called him Bruce – and here he is before he stopped trying to sting the window and took off back to his home!

Day Twenty Three – Run Through the Rain

I didn’t really do much for the next two days, simply because I was a bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding! However, the weather was pretty atrocious and the downpour could only be described as torrential.

The only way for me to get from the comfort of my nice dry car to my friend’s house was to run. I had my bridesmaid dress in one hand, and my overnight bag in the other. I was completely drenched in the 30 seconds it took to get to her door, but you know what? It actually felt refreshing!

I had no coat on and no umbrella, so I was completely at the mercy of the elements – it definitely woke me up, that’s for sure!

Day Twenty Four – Attracting All the Bugs!

Wedding day arrives!! As you can imagine, being a bridesmaid meant that I didn’t really have any free time to actively do anything that wasn’t wedding related.

However, I seemed to become a bug magnet throughout the day, despite my bouquet being made from fake flowers! You name it, it probably landed on my flowers. Bees buzzed around before realising that they had nothing to gain from my fake roses; hoverflies stopped to marvel at them, and even butterflies fluttered around! I felt like a real Disney Princess!

Day Twenty Five – I Turn Twenty Seven!

After partying all night and seeing my birthday in at midnight, I’m not gonna lie and say that I did much on June 25th.

I guess I did my bit by reducing my carbon footprint by sleeping the whole day when I got back. I also made sure that the takeaway we ate for tea was properly recycled, which fell perfectly in line with my plastic challenge!

Day Twenty Six – I Signed Up for a New Challenge

While I’m going to continue my plastic challenge past the end of June, I will be cashing in my fundraising on July 1st. I’ve loved feeling like I’m making a difference, so when I saw Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project hosting a Virtual Race for Dolphins in August, I just had to sign up!

Some kind soul has already donated $50 to my cause, where I’ll be walking as far as I can in the lead up to the 12th of August, aiming to smash 10,000 steps per day! If you’d like to donate even a dollar, you can find my official fundraising page here. I’m aiming to raise at least $150 for the cause, so every little really does help!

Day Twenty Seven – Walk Home in the Rain

The weather took another turn and the heavens opened once again. I’m not one to complain about rain, as I’m not someone who particularly enjoys really hot weather, so I tend to enjoy walking in the rain – just not for a prolonged period of time (or when it’s torrential and we’re at a festival. I’m looking at you, Glastonbury 2016!

Day Twenty Eight – My Favourite Baby Bird

While this picture isn’t from today (because, once again, the weather is decidedly wet and windy) I thought I’d share with you my favourite baby birds – who else loves signets? They’re definitely not the ugly ducklings that they’re made out to be – to me at least!

I’m hoping that I can continue to document the last few days of the 30 Days Wild challenge on time, I can’t believe we’re nearly done for another year already!

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