#30DaysWild| Day Nine – Organising a Wild Weekend

Weekends for me usually consist of relaxing at home or heading out with friends for a few drinks; it’s an easy choice for me to make after a week of work as I usually don’t rest well and my sleeping pattern is non-existent.

However, as this is 30 Days Wild, I’ve decided that I want to get out one weekend at least and give nature a chance. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I don’t often get the chance to get out and about in nature, so I’ve planned a weekend walk with my lovely boyfriend and his pup – potentially for next weekend.

It will give us something to do – as well as spend some quality time together without a screen in sight – well, aside from y camera viewfinder! It will give Rudi a good workout, too! She loves going on long walks, even if her little legs do get tired out!

So, stay tuned for the results of that walk next weekend – I’m hoping the weather stays fine!

Obligatory dog photo because Rudi is a sweetheart when she’s asleep!

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