#30DaysWild| Day Seven – Watch a Wildlife Camera

While I have many holidays on my bucket list which entail visiting wildlife out in their natural habitats, there is a slight problem, more commonly known as money.

Since I can’t get to see some of my favourite animals in person just yet, I love sitting down and watching live wildlife webcams. Whether it’s background noise of Beluga whales while I work, or scrutinising the webcams of Parson Island and OrcaLab to see if I can spot any tall dark dorsals emerging from the water; there’s something incredibly satisfying and relaxing about watching a livestream of an animal you love.

I tend to head to Explore.org, and I am currently settling into bed with a livestream of an Osprey nest – these birds are incredibly beautiful! They have everything from sanctuaries, to guide dog puppy nurseries to the african savannah!

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