#30DaysWild| Day Six – Cutting Down on Disposables

For someone who loves water, I never really drink a lot of it. Yeah, I know… I should drink more. However, in the past when I do drink water, it’s always been the bottled kind.

However, since learning more about the environment and deciding to live a more environmentally friendly life, I’ve tried to cut down on the amount of disposables that I use anyway.

I saw a post on my Facebook a few days before starting #30DaysWild and decided to add an extra challenge on top of the 30 day challenge… but one that I can hopefully turn into a life choice. The Marine Conservation Society is running a Plastic Challenge where participants give up plastic for a whole month. I’ve taken it upon myself to do this as part of the 30 Days Wild challenge, too… it just seemed like a great idea.

So meet my work buddy – mr re-usable water bottle! I’ve been drinking lots more while using it, and I have yet to purchase a plastic bottle or single use plastic item. I have my trusty re-usable shopping bag in my handbag, and I’m ready to keep plastics out of our oceans, our animals, and even us!

Did you know that when eating fish and other marine animals, we are also ingesting plastic, too?

If you’d like to donate to my fundraiser and help me raise £100 for the Marine Conservation Society, please click here – every little helps and, together, we can make our oceans healthier and happier!

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