#30DaysWild| Day Five – Tweeting for Wildlife

I am forever calling myself a voice for the voiceless – a term which many activists use to describe themselves and what they are doing for the animals of the planet.

It’s a pretty simple concept; animals don’t have a voice that we can understand. Yeah, they’re able to roar and screech and talk to one another but, when they need our help, they can’t ask for it. When they want to convey how they’re feeling, there’s only so much body language and behaviour can tell us.

So, although it’s something that you can often find me doing anyway, today I took it upon myself to tweet for wildlife at dinnertime. I found a great article about realistic adverts for purchases which showed a marine animal with a barcode scanner pointing to their head in a threatening way. The whole idea of these pictures is to make people think about the harm their purchase will do to the ocean… and as someone who loves the ocean and wants to keep it healthy… I just had to share it!

Have you found any interesting wildlife articles today? Be sure to link them in the comments so I can take a look!

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