Blogtober| Day Twenty Eight – Worst Halloween Memory

As a kid, I never really enjoyed Halloween that much. I never went out Trick of Treating and I occasionally donned a bin bag to nip round to my neighbours house to show them my outfit.

However, I do remember being absolutely terrified one year, of people knocking at the door. I have no idea how old I was… or even the reason that I became so scared (apart from the fact that people dressed up terrified the crap out of me).

All I remember is sitting by the door to my living room which opens onto the hall, and trying to sneak my way up the stairs to the bathroom without getting seen by the trick or treaters.

Now, the glass on the front door at the time had a ripple effect through it, so they wouldn’t be able to see an actual person; only maybe fast movement could be seen, but I was so certain that if one of them caught a glimpse of me, they’d never leave.

That’s probably the scariest Halloween I’ve ever had – and it’s not really that terrifying to read about. I go out now with my friends on Halloween, and while I’m still not 100% comfortable with dressed up people, they tend to be fun night out!

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