Blogtober| Day Twenty Seven – A Letter to Future Me

Dear Future Me,

I’m sat writing this post on the 27th of October 2016. Whether you take a look back at this next year, in three years or 30 years (if my website is still going by then – it better had be) I want you to think very carefully about this particular date and how your life was back then.

I hope that you are finally doing something about your love of animals; you can’t kid yourself any longer that conservation is where your heart is at. You’ve been looking at those courses a lot – I hope you took the plunge and are finally truly happy with where your life is at the moment.

I also hope that you’re finally delving more into design and social media. You’ve have so many knockbacks early on, but we both know that you have some talent in them to start with. Don’t let people sway you; I know how much sitting on Photoshop and doing nothing but playing around with settings keeps you calm… utilise that and I guarantee you’ll be happy – even if it is still just a hobby. Get back on that horse!

Are you living in Sheffield yet? If so, I hope it is just as amazing as you remember it. If not – why the hell not? There have probably been a plethora of opportunities to get there – you need to take the next opportunity to go there, and that’s an order!

I sincerely hope that you are happy. There are always going to be those moments that try and drag you down, or you miss someone so much that you think there’s no point in trying anymore, but you’ve already come this far! You are a great person – just show people how fantastic and caring you are!

I also hope that your health has improved. Sucking immune systems suck, but I hope that we finally have a point where we’re actually healthy and have no issues at all!

Have you attended any demonstrations yet? It’s time to stop making excuses and get your voice heard. Having a blog and telling people your opinion is one thing, getting out and demonstrating your views is a whole other ballpark. Tell your anxiety to shut the hell up and go join the Dolphin Project in Taiji (although, I hope that the atrocities committed there are finally at an end).

Did you ever get to see a whale in the wild? I bet you were so excited and nearly jumped in! I can’t wait to see if we ever do get to witness them first hand!

Finally, always remember that your family and friends are there for you – no matter what you think. Spend time with them and make the most of their company – don’t waste it and regret it later.

Lots of love and wishes of success,


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