Blogtober| Day Twenty Nine – Do I Have Superstitions?

Halloween seems to be the holiday which is most associated with superstition. Whether it’s witches, ghouls or black cats, superstition seems to be rife around this time of year.

So, do I have any specific superstitions? Well, I have a few, but they’re not necessarily restricted to Halloween.

My Lucky Irish Penny

When I first went to Dublin, I bought myself a keychain which contained what is said to be a lucky penny. It was from one of those cheap souvenir shops, and I’m usually pretty skeptical when it comes to silly things like that.

However, I used it as an aid to open my Irish dancing shoe bag because the zip was pretty small. For some reason, I started holding it in my hand while competing (on my own, of course.) and noticed that I started placing better. One year, I decided to leave it in my bag and not touch it at all, and, whether it was psychological or I just didn’t dance my best in that competition, I didn’t seem to place as highly as I would usually do.

I even took it to my second interview for the job I’m in now and I got the job. It may just be pure luck… who knows. All I know is I currently can’t find it, and it’s driving me crazy!

I Wish at 11:11

If I catch the clock at 11:11, I will always close my eyes and make a wish. It’s something that I’ve done for many years, and I try to make my wishes small and attainable – a few of them have come true in a roundabout way!

I Touch Wood when Saying Something Positive Has Happened

I don’t really know where this saying comes from (is it a British-only saying, does anyone know?), but every time something finally goes right after a period of everything going wrong, I always may sure I follow the statement with “touch wood” and find the closest wood material to me.

I feel like this is more a reflex action than an actual superstition… but it’s something that I definitely still do.

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