Blogtober| Day Eleven – Favourite Things Beginning With O

In celebration of October finally getting underway – can you believe we’re in double figures already? – I thought it would be a cool idea to list some of my favourite things that begin with O!

This was actually harder than I initially thought it would be, so bear with me!


Is this really a shock to anyone? Orca (or Killer Whales) are my ultimate favourite animal. From their immense size, to their insane level of intelligence, there’s nothing that I don’t love about these incredible animals!

If you haven’t already, check out my orca spotlight series – I’ll be firing it back up as soon as October is over!


By proxy, I think that it’s pretty obvious that I love the ocean. If I could just quit my job and become a full-time mermaid, I probably would. I have a huge respect for the ocean, and all that call it home – it’s so beautiful and humankind need to start looking after it a lot more than we already are.


It’s probably a little-known fact that I’m trying to teach myself at least basic Japanese with the help of Memrise. So far, I’ve learned around 180 phrases, sounds and letters, but my ultimate favourite word that I’ve learned so far is Oishii… which apparently means delicious! I did tell you that I love food


I’m not generally a jewellery kind of person; I have my favourite pieces such as my Pandora bracelet from my lovely best friend Sammie, my whale tail necklace and ring from Jordan and then a random Celtic style ring that I bought in Ireland, but that’s about it – aside from my plain nose ring and earrings.

However, I absolutely love opals. I currently don’t own any opal pieces, but it is definitely my favourite stone. The colours are just incredible, and I have yet to find a piece that I don’t like!

What are your favourite things beginning with O? Try it – it’s harder than you think!



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