Blogtober| Day Nine – Favourite Autumn Foods

It’s definitely no secret that I love food. Seriously, give me an excuse to eat and I probably will. In fact, I’m sat here, writing this blog while munching on popcorn – just because I can.

So, with colder weather becoming the norm, what are my favourite delicious foods to devour during the colder season?

Soup, Soup and More Soup

Soup is one of my all-time favourite foods; it doesn’t take long to prepare and it really does fill you up, especially if you go for the freshly prepared ones rather than the tinned kind.

I’d have to say my ultimate favourite soup is minestrone – just so filling and has a whole lot of taste. I do love tomato, but you can often get too much tartness in the flavouring for my liking – a sprinkling of sugar can help this, though! Another of my favourites is leek and potato – but that’s a super special treat, as it’s hard to find one that gets the right balance of cream and potato.

Jacket Potatoes

Believe it or not, I can actually be pretty patient when it comes to waiting for food to be done – especially if I know the result will be worth it.

Jacket potatoes are one of my favourites, especially now that the weather’s getting cooler. With endless possibilities of fillings to pretty much suit any craving you have, they’re the ultimate meal for when you can’t quite figure out what you want and don’t want to put a lot of effort in.

My favourite filling is cream cheese and chive, but I’d also devour a plain jacket potato with a smidge of butter and salt and pepper if need be – is my Irish heritage showing yet?

Did Someone Say Apple Pie?

I’m not a massive sweet tooth (yes, I know I was eating popcorn at the start of this post…), so it’s very rare that I find a desert that I actually enjoy eating the entirety of.

Then apple pie came into my life; sweet, cinnamon-y goodness covered with thick, yummy custard. I love the tangy apple taste coupled with the spice of the cinnamon. Just thinking about it now gets my taste buds going!

I’ve also found that Costa do a delicious hot apple tea around Christmas/Halloween that tastes exactly like apple pie – yum!

What are your favourite autumn food treats? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “Blogtober| Day Nine – Favourite Autumn Foods

  1. Love this! I like hot apple pie with a generous slice of mild cheddar. Soups too. Fresh baked bread with lots of butter. Smoked turkey wings or necks or legs with collard greens or black beans. Hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick.

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