Blogtober| Day Twelve – What am I Scared Of?

Many people see being scared as a weakness, but I don’t see it that way. In fact, I see sharing your fears as something that everyone should do. Not only does it help you determine those fears which may be unfounded and “silly”, but it can also show who you are as a person.

Now, I am going to say that I am the most nervous person in the world. If you are talking to me at any point through the day, chances are my anxiety is running high. This often means that something is scaring me – or has scared me enough to affect me way after it happening.

So, what are some of the things that I’m most scared of?

People in Character Suits

I absolutely despise people dressed up as characters in full body suits. Yes, I know there’s a person underneath, but it’s something that I’ve been terrified of my whole life. And yes, Disneyland was my worst nightmare when I was a kid – and still is now!


Although my fear is nowhere as bad as it used to be (and I truly believe that my 30 Days Wild challenge helped with this) but I still can’t deal with spiders anywhere near me!

I think you can safely say that I’m more of a Snake person!

Pitch Darkness

I can deal with places being dark, but when I can’t see anything at all? That’s when the panic sets in. I know your eyes adjust eventually to the darkness, but I’d still rather have some form of illumination around me.

I guess disliking carrots really did stop me being able to see in the dark!

Confined Spaces

As my anxiety makes me feel trapped inside my own body as it is, being in an incredibly confined space really gets my heart pumping and my flight sense in full swing.

Just thinking about going on a trip where you need to squeeze into small cave spaces and things like that make my stomach turn – even games with these kinds of scenes can make me worry!


What are some of your fears? Remember, none of them are stupid or irrational, but sometimes, your brain likes to make you scared of something that you really don’t need to be!

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