Blogtober| Day One – What Is Blogtober?

You all may think that I’m insane for trying to take on this challenge – and you’re probably right! I mean, I can’t even stick to a 3 times a week blog schedule, let alone a month long challenge!

However, I’m making it my mission to blog every day this October for the Blogtober challenge, and if I manage to complete it, I can see that it is possible to stick to my 3 times a week goal!

So, without further ado, let’s kick off my first Blogtober entry!

What Is Blogtober?

Blogtober is a challenge that quite a lot of bloggers (and our video counterparts, vloggers) undertake during the month of October. The challenge is to create new and exciting content for the full 31 days of October!

There are no official rules to follow (that I’m aware of – if there is, please let me know!) so we can be as adventurous and creative as we want to be!

For me, Blogtober is simply going to be a personal thing. I want to blog on a regular basis, but life always seems to get in the way – and I stupidly let it. I am hoping that this month will show me that I can put aside time to blog on a regular basis – and still keep you guys liking my content, too!

What I Have Planned

So, what do I have planned for the next 31 days on this blog? I’ve put together a post plan of what I’m going to be posting about each day – but not necessarily what format the post will be in.

So, for the next 31 days, this will be the post schedule for Excuse This Honesty for October:

  1. Introduction to the Challenge
  2. Favourite Autumn Activity
  3. Autumnal Clothing Haul
  4. The Smells of Autumn
  5. Favourite Autumnal Smell
  6. Top 3 Halloween Film Favourites
  7. The Autumn Sky
  8. Tips for Feeling Cosy
  9. Favourite Autumn Foods
  10. Autumn Selfie
  11. Favourite Things Beginning with O
  12. What am I Scared Of?
  13. What It’s Like to Always Be Cold
  14. Favourite Black Items
  15. Favourite Spooky Things
  16. Autumn Reads
  17. Favourite Outdoor Place in Autumn
  18. Am I Prepared for Halloween?
  19. Animals of Autumn
  20. Favourite Apple Recipes
  21. Halloween Checklist
  22. A Day in my Life
  23. A review of a Film/TV Show I’ve Never Seen Before
  24. Take the Spookiest Picture
  25. Jumpers that I Need in my Life
  26. Favourite Autumnal Colours
  27. Letter to Myself in 10 Years
  28. Worst Halloween Memory
  29. Do I Have Superstitions?
  30. Halloween Costume!
  31. Round-up


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