MMOnday: My New Year’s Gaming Resolutions

Welcome to the very first post on Excuse This Honesty for 2016! I have a good feeling about this new year, so let’s kick it off on the right foot and jump right into my gaming resolutions for 2016!

Working 9-5, Monday to Friday doesn’t leave me with much time to myself. Yes, I have the evenings to do what I want, but I usually prefer spending time with other people-namely Jordan and his pup.

However, 2016 is going to be the start of a huge change. I want to play more games, and I want to complete some of the ones that I have already started and not got around to finishing! I’ve recently bought myself a PS4, so I will have plenty of platforms to game on! So, what are my resolutions for gaming this year?

1. Play World of Warcraft Consistently

I’m terrible when it comes to playing WoW. Although it’s probably my most favourite MMO and I do spend way too much time playing it when I do bring myself to log on, it’s never on a consistent basis.

With the upcoming release of World of Warcraft: Legion, I’d like to be in a position on it’s launch where I can jump right in to the new content and not have to worry about grinding a character up to a certain gear level before I can enjoy the expansion.

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Of course, there will be some grind involved- that’s expected with a new expansion- but I have never been in a place where I can jump straight in on release and enjoy the content. I was a little skeptical about the Legion story at first, but the more we hear about it, the more I want to get back to Outland and take on Illidan’s forces again!

So yeah, my first resolution is to play World of Warcraft on a more regular basis to ensure I’m ready for the Legion launch!

2. Give Consoles More Love

Even though I hardly ever get time to log on my PC anymore, I always seem to find myself floating on and off World of Warcraft during what little spare time I have and never really give a second thought to my consoles.

I now have a PS4 as well as a PS3, so I’m hoping that the allure of “current gen” (I still call it next gen) will keep tempting me onto my PS4 at least. I have so many games that I need to complete on my PS3- I should make some time to get those finished too, especially Final Fantasy X!

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3. Get Into Raiding

I suck when it comes to raid content. Not because I don’t know what I’m doing, but rather because I never join a raiding guild. Even though this hasn’t bothered me much in the past, I am determined to start raiding properly with a consistent group of people rather than queueing for hours in Looking for Raid which will then ultimately fail when no one has a clue about tactics.

I’m not entirely sure how successful this resolution will be as I have no raiding experience other than LFR and soloing old content. I suppose if I can get my gear score high enough before release, I can use the group finder and run through some of the Draenor content if anyone is willing to drag me along! I would love to be a part of a regular raid group, though, and it will isnpire me to play more often, too! Two resolutions with one stone!

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I think that’s it for now- you know what I’m like when it comes to saying things then sticking to them! I think that I will revisit these every so often when I’ve made progress on them and set myself more if I manage to achieve them. Gaming is such a diverse topic that I feel like I could make a list of at least 100 things I’d like to achieve on various platforms and games and nobody wants to read that!

What are your gaming resolutions this year? Are you looking to finally level that alt that has been sat on your log in screen for centuries? Or are you pledging to play less games? Whatever your gaming resolutions are, or even if you have any game recommendations for me, I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment below or drop me a Facebook post or a Tweet!

5 thoughts on “MMOnday: My New Year’s Gaming Resolutions

    1. Watch out for that blue shell, I hear that is the baby weapon of choice!

      Strangely enough, Mario Kart was one of the first games I introduced to my niece! Now I regret it as she puts up a good race!

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