The Long Awaited Blog Schedule!

Let’s jump right in and allow me to introduce you to the format the Excuse This Honesty is going to take over the coming months.

As expected, this may change and features may be swapped out if there is something more relevant I’d like to cover on a specific day, but as it stands, here is what you can expect:


No, you aren’t seeing things, there is a double ‘m’ at the beginning of this theme. If you know me in real life, you probably already know that I absolutely adore MMO RPG’s. So much, in fact, that I am dedicating Monday’s to my experiences in the MMO’s that I play.

This will mostly cover news, finds and general ramblings about the time I spend playing World of Warcraft. Yes, that old donkey. With the upcoming expansion slowly being revealed to us, I’ll be discussing my thoughts on the changes and what I think should be included in the game to make it better.

Whale Wednesdays

Again, if you know me in reality, you’ll already know how passionate I am about marine mammals- more specifically cetaceans. Whale Wednesday will be focusing on educating my readers about whales and dolphins and will for the most part be featuring one captive orca a week, detailing the story of the animal and how long they have been in captivity.

image from Wikipedia

I am still working out the format of this series, as I want to create something unique and shareable for you guys to educate your friends if you want, too… but hold on to your butts, the first installment will be live sooner than you think!

Friday Finds

I didn’t really know what to call my theme for Friday’s as it will be a mismatch of topics. I aim to use Friday posts as a summary of my week; what games I’ve been playing, what food I’ve been cooking and general reviews and ramblings.

Not even I know what I will be posting about on a Friday, so I guess it’s going to be a mystery for everyone!

If you do have a better idea of a name for this theme, head over to my Facebook or Twitter or drop me an email through my Contact page!

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