Blogtober| Day Twenty Two – A Day in my Life

When I initially planned this post, I didn’t realise that I wouldn’t be home. Jordan and I had decided last minute to head back to our university city and spend the weekend there as a happy end to his two-week holiday.

Here’s what we got up to on the 22nd (yes, this is backdated as I needed to properly upload the images!)


Good morning from the hotel! We woke up later than expected after resting for almost the whole night previously.


Time to make myself presentable!


This is as good as it is going to get! Also, the hotel shampoo stripped the red out of my hair which exposed sections of blue… cue panic!img_0584

I take a look outside and see what the weather is doing today – rain clouds are looking threatening, so pretty standard! We want to head out and take a look at a few shops anyway, so we’re not gonna let that stop us!img_0585

The lift in the hotel was pretty fancy – I felt so nautical!img_0586

This is one of my favourite buildings in the whole of Sheffield – The Cheesegrater! It’s a carpark, but the design is so epic!


I’m really awkward as it is in public places, so I didn’t really take any photos while we were milling around the shops. I did, however, buy the best dress of all time from Blue Banana… you’ll see it later on!img_0590

Shopping is hungry work, so we stopped off at one of our favourite food places that we’ve been to in the past. It was here or The Harley and their insane burgers, but we went there last time. How epic is the menu design?img_0589

Strawberry beer and too much choice of food – seriously one of the best places for food – the buffalo sauce was amazing!


After meeting up with our friends Ryan and Connie who now live in Sheffield, too (they are from my hometown originally!), we headed back to the hotel so I could shower with colour friendly shampoo. Here’s my utterly fabulous new dress; I got one size too big just because these styles always seem to run small… this time I was wrong, but I kept it anyway. My Mum is awesome with alterations, so I can’t wait for it to be more my size!

After getting ready again into my brand new dress (and thus finding out it was a little bit big – that’s what you get for hating clothes shopping, folks!), we met back up with Ryan and Connie in another of our favourite places, The Brown Bear. If you’re looking for extremely cheap drinks – I’m talking less than £2 a pint – head there. It’s pretty much right next to the Crucible and directly opposite the Winter Gardens.img_0594

We’d agreed to head to our first ever ice hockey game with the guys, so we had to get the tram to Don Valley Stadium. One of the reasons I want to move back to Sheffield so bad is that it is so cheap to travel around. £3.40-ish for a day rider on the tram that takes you pretty much anywhere around Sheffield – better than £5 or more back home! img_0600

I was told about the so-called “supa pints” but I didn’t think they would be this big. For just under £10, you can get this monster – modelled by the lovely Jordan, whose hands are much bigger than mine and they are still dwarfed by the glass!


Cheering on the Sheffield Steelers as they came onto the ice (they’re in orange!)

The last time I was here was watching Paramore back in 2010. It’s so weird to think there are gigs and concerts held here when the ice is on show!

Now, I’ve already said that I’m terrified of people dressed up, so imagine my horror when “Steeler Dan” started prowling around. Here he is getting pelted with hockey puks… img_0688

… and here he is getting too close for comfort!

The Steelers managed to beat the Fife Flyers 4-1. I really enjoyed myself and that’s saying something. The only sports that I really follow are Rugby (I support Ireland!) and Moto GP (Vale Vale Vale! I’m a 46 fan!) so when we move back, I could definitely see myself getting involved and coming to games – thanks Ryan and Connie for the tickets!img_0692

We ended up going back to town and heading to a night that Connie’s friend was DJ-ing at. We usually go to a club called Corporation which is super cheap and great for a rock night. This was a pleasant alternative though, and the drinks were so cheap!


Managed to steal Ryan’s Steelers hat for a photo. These guys are the best; Ryan’s been my buddy since I was 16… and Jordan…. well, I’ve known him just as long as I’ve known Ryan! Literally have the best time reminiscing when we all meet up – and it was lovely seeing Connie, too, who is Ryan’s wife and a pretty rad lady! img_0690

After the night came to a close at about 2.30am, I decided that I needed some form of food as the last time we had eaten was about 1pm. We ended up walking back to town to a takeaway that we used to frequent a lot in our first year. Heading home with a Margherita pizza… I managed to get a very blurry drunk shot of  the trees around the peace gardens with their lights on.

… and that was my day in Sheffield!

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