Blogtober| Day Fourteen – Favourite Black Things

My wardrobe is made up of almost entirely black clothing (with a few exceptions). I think it’s safe to say that black is my most trusted colour… and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon!

As it seems like my life is revolving around the colour black, here are some of my favourite black things!

Rudi, Jordan’s Dog

I’m not allowed a dog myself, but I’m pretty much around at my boyfriend’s house every day.

His Patterdale terrier, Rudi, is probably my most favourite black thing. Although I’m usually not one for small dogs, Rudi’s tough, big dog attitude drew me in. She’s my best bud, and although she may really grind my gears at times, how can you be mad at a face like this?:


Black Jacks

I absolutely hate liquorice but I am a sucker for aniseed.

That’s why one of my all time favourite sweets is a black jack – the flavour just gets my taste buds tingling!

My Dolphin Project Hoodie

I may have only just got it back in June, but my dolphin project hoody is probably still my favourite item of clothing to date. It makes me happy to know I’m helping g spread the word about the Taiji drive hunts while looking stylish, too!

What’s your favourite black item? It can be absolutely anything!

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