Blogtober| Day Seven – The Autumn Sky

I’m afraid today’s post didn’t go as planned – I was intending to get some pretty sunset photos on my way home after work, but the sky ended up being gloomy and grey, rather than the magnificent yellows and reds that I was expecting.

I will take a picture and edit this post with an update once I manage to take a good one, (See above for a pretty sky!) For now, let me tell you why I love the sky in Autumn more than any other time of year.

What About Summer?

Okay, I’m not going to lie – I do love the summer sky too, especially as we get to see the sun longer during the summer season. I think I’m going to remember the sunset that I saw at Glastonbury for the rest of my life – shame I didn’t have a camera to catch it to share with you.

However, there’s something a little bit magical about the autumn sky. I can’t really pinpoint exactly what it is; whether it’s the deeper blue that starts to creep in as the season progresses or the startling contrast between the palettes of the sky.

Is It Because of Where I Live?

I live in a place which is blessed with a beautiful view when the sun sets – and is known to have the  “million dollar view”. It’s one of the things that if famous in our parts, and I’m actually really lucky to be able to see this when I look out of my bedroom window.

The sky at night also seems to be a little clearer. I love looking up at the stars and just being in awe that those little lights are millions and billions of lightyears away from us. The deep blue of an autumn night seems to set these stars off even more, making them look even brighter!

Do you prefer the autumn sky, or are you more of a summer sky lover?

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