Blogtober| Day Five – My Autumn Song

Everyone has those songs which remind them of something; whether it’s a memory where they met their partner or a song that reminds them of a certain event, music has an incredible knack for drawing out memories or emotions with ease.

Fallen Leaves by Billy Talent doesn’t really hold much in the way of soppy memories for me – more a funny occurrence that happened while I was listening to it on my iPod on the way into university one day.

It was mid-autumn and I’d brought my iPod along for the short walk to campus – seriously, I prefer having all my senses working properly while walking, so this was a rare occurrence in itself.

As soon as the track changed to Fallen Leaves, a single leaf fell from a nearby tree and slapped me in the face.

I stopped for a second before bursting out laughing at the irony – and that’s how Billy Talent’s Fallen Leaves became my autumn song. I can’t get enough of it when the leaves start to drop – and it’s definitely making an appearance on my Spotify playlist a few times a day at work!

Do you have a song that gets you in the autumn mood?

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