4 Hair Saving Tips for Vibrant Coloured Hair

I am so sorry this post it so late! I’ve been having issues with WordPress all weekend… but here it is! MMOnday will resume next week!

It’s no secret that I love bright coloured hair.

I currently have a wonderful mix of blue and green which wasn’t fully intentional… but I rolled with it anyway and actually really like it. I haven’t always had blue hair though (duh!); pink, purple, orange and red are just some of the colours that my lovely locks have been over the past 7 or 8 years.

Surely this has damaged my hair, though? Well, technically it has – bleaching each colour and re-dying it over and over is going to have some negative effect on the health of my hair – but it looks a lot less damaged than it should because, well, I care for it.

If you’re thinking of dying your hair a funky colour (and I do totally reccommend it… I feel so much more confident with blue hair!) then here are my top 4 tips for keeping your hair happy and healthy looking!

Don’t Wash It Every Day

You shouldn’t be washing your hair every day anyway, as you will end up drying your scalp and hair out by washing away all the essential oils, but reducing the amount that you wash it will not only prolong your colour, it will keep your hair feeling healthier in the long run.

I currently have blue hair and feel like a mermaid.
I currently have blue hair and feel like a mermaid.

Dry shampoo will become your best friend, trust me!

Deep Condition Your Hair

I’m not going to lie, I’m actually really bad at sticking to this one myself, simply because I’m always on the go, even at weekends.


But seriously, getting a good deep conditioner and leaving it in for a good few hours will do wonders for your hair! Kick back, relax and put your favourite film on and let the moisture seep back into your hair!

Take Advantage of Natural Oils

I try to always use oils on my hair whenever I can to replenish some of the moisture and shine that bleaching takes out of my hair.

I mainly use Argan oil after each time I was my hair to reduce the chances of it snapping, and it also seems to help brush some of the knots out!

I also use pure coconut oil as a deep conditioner every now and then to give my hair some extra shine… and ensure that I smell like a delicious Bounty bar!

Add Dye To Your Conditioner

If you are using a semi-permanent dye from Manic Panic or Directions (Directions are my favourite dyes!), you can prolong your colour a little longer by mixing a small portion of your dye mixed in with your conditioner.

Manic Panic and Directions can be left on your hair for a longer time than normal dyes as they don’t contain anything harmful, so I prefer to refresh my colour using this method than re-bleaching and dying every time I need to re-dye!

I hope some of my tips help all my fellow mermaids and mermen out! Bright hair doesn’t always have to mean the end for your lovely locks, I promise!

Have you got any tis that you think I should know? Hop on over to my Facebook and Twitter pages, or leave me a comment below letting me know your vibrant hair care tips!

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