First Impressions: Kings on Toast 2016 Planner with Blog Plan

About a month or so ago, I watched a video by one of my favourite YouTubers called MyGreenCow. She was doing a review of a planner that she had been sent by a store on Etsy who created yearly planners with different page options, depending on how you intended to use it.

As I had already started thinking about creating this blog, I decided to go ahead and purchase one myself, based on what I’d seen on Daisy’s flick through video.

You can imagine how excited I was when I got back home yesterday to find that the postman had delivered my planner! I got the Black Floral 2016 Day Planner with Blog Plan and I’m not going to lie, I’m already in love and I haven’t had chance to use it yet.

Because it is going to play a huge part in how I run this blog, I’ve decided to do a first impressions post. I won’t be using this until the end of December/ start of January as it’s dedicated to 2016.

The Front Cover and Page Design

When you order a planner, you have the choice of 8 different cover designs for your personal planner and you can choose they page style that you would like. There are two different page styles- plain or fancy and you also have the option of choosing white or yellowish paper,

I chose the Dark Floral cover with the Fancy page design on white paper.

The cover is stunning. As a design orientated person, I just love the simplistic look of the cover. It’s incredibly simple but so beautiful too. The cover is laminated, which I love so much as I can be quite a clumsy person.

The fancy page design is also very simple. It has a wonderful colour scheme and is incredibly easy to follow.

Another thing I loved was the personalisation. If you put your name in the order details, it will be printed on the first page of your planner. Such a simple touch, but I love it! There’s also a space to write your email, mobile number and Twitter handle just in case your planner gets misplaced so that people can contact you!

The Pages

As I’m an organised person, I love having access to a full calendar so that I can see when I have things planed all in one easily accessible place.

This planner has a two-page spread dedicated to the 2016 calendar, with a notes area to record ‘Special Days’, ‘Planned Vacations’ and ‘National Holidays’- super handy and I cant wait to get planning for 2016!

There is also two pages dedicated to ‘Goals for 2016’ which allows you to set yourself some goals for the year ahead.

As you probably have read in my Fairly Random Friday blog, I am trying to set myself some goals for each month, so I’m excited to start filling in this section and ticking those goals off!

Another section I love is the ‘Books I Want to Read’ and the subsequent sections after that. I love lists, so I feel this is going to be one of the best sections to fill out and inspire me to watch read, travel and learn more!

One section I’m not sure how I’m going to utilise is the morning and night routines, simply because I have no routine.

Also, you can never have enough note pages… and this planner has plenty! One happy Karen!

The Blog Plan Layout

I chose the planner to have a blog plan layout, simply because I want to be able to plan my blog posts ahead.

At the start of each week, there’s a blog planning page where you can plan out what you will post that week. You can also record the success which is a great idea!

Each day has an ‘Appointments’ section, followed by a ‘tell me something good/bad about today’ section, as well as a to-do list. I love this layout as it’s easy to follow and you know exactly what you need to do on each day.

Cleaning Pages

I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people that loves to live in a clean environment, but can never find time/have the energy to keep to a cleaning schedule.

Cue the planner which has two ages dedicated to cleaning. I feel like this might be the kick up the butt that I need! Let’s hope so!


I am so excited to start using this blog planner. I really do feel like it is going to be an incredible resource for me to use and it is definitely going to improve the quality of my blog.

Once I start using it, I will update with what I think about the planner, but in the meantime if you want to buy one for yourself, head on over to Kings on Toast on Etsy! Hazal is lovely and I couldn’t recommend her store more!

Thanks for reading, guys! As always, keep up to date with me over on Facebook and Twitter!

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