#30DaysWild | Days Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen and Sixteen – Life Gets In the Way Sometimes

So, this week has been incredibly hectic to the point that I haven’t been able to keep up with this blog daily, and that makes me sad. I’m currently rushed off my feet at work doing the job of three people, so I’m exhausted by the time I get home.

However, that’s not to say that I haven’t been neglecting my 30 Days Wild challenge – oh no! This post contains the past four days of wildness!

Day Thirteen – A Quiet Day with the Pooch

Tuesday consisted of a lot of rushing around and attending John Bishop’s show in my town, so I do admit that this one is a little boring – sorry, guys! I decided to walk back to Jordan’s after the show to get some more steps on my FitBit and actually enjoy the warm evening. It was a lovely walk back, and I managed to hit 10k steps per day for the first time this week! Yay!








When we got in, Rudi was waiting. I’m classing my interaction with her as wild, as she’s relentless – especially when it comes to playing. As we waited for my parents to arrive and pick me up, Rudi and I had a few cuddles, a few playfights and a few bellyrubs. She might not look wild in these pictures, but I tell you – if she could be off out into the wilderness, she’d probably never come back!

Day Fourteen – Take a Walk at Work

I don’t often get up and walk around at work, even though we are encouraged to take 5 minutes here and there as we are sat infront of screens all day. However, on Wednesday, I had a sudden urge to go out and enjoy the sun that decided to make an appearance. As my lunchtime was taken up with work-related stuff, I decided to use a five minute break to get out and about in the garden that we have behind our office.

It’s nothing fancy, but there are plenty of critters that call it home. We’ve been following the life of one particularly fat robin over the winter period, and now we’re starting to see fat little starlings and blackbirds hopping around.

While I didn’t see any of the animals on this occasion (typical!) I did enjoy just slowly walking around and enjoying the glorious weather. The fresh air definitely helped calm me down and put me in a better frame of mind to get back to work!

Day Fifteen – Saving a Spider

Again, I sadly didn’t manage to catch this one on my camera as a) I’m actually terrified of spiders, and b) I didn’t have time to document as it was over in a matter of minutes.

As I left for work yesterday morning, I noticed some birds hovering around the wall at the side of the house. This isn’t unusual behaviour as our garden attracts a lot of birds, so there’s usually a few visitors waiting for us as we leave the house. However, I could see that it was pecking at something on the side of the wall, but I couldn’t quite see what until I got a little closer and the bird scarpered

On the wall was a giant spider – I’m not sure what kind it was – definitely looked like the ones you get in your attics; big fat body and beefy legs. The bird must have pecked at it’s leg and broken it as it was desperately trying to climb, but the leg was squished into the pebbledashing. I went back into my garden and got a stick and gently pushed the leg free of the wall. Granted, it did fall about half a metre to the ground, but it scuttled off into the grass.

I don’t like spiders at all, so I’m pretty proud that I managed to save this one!

Day Sixteen – My Favourite Wildlife Book

I’ve been working from home today, and while I’ve been incredibly busy, it’s nice to just sit and enjoy the quietness of a still room every once in a while. I’ve had my windows wide open and the smells out the outdoors wafting through my room – it really helped me stay focused, and provided a quick relief when staring at my screen got too much.

Now that I’m sort of finished work for the day (technically I’ve finishes but I’m trying to stay on time with everything), I’ve been sat looking at my bookcase and wondered where my favourite wildlife book was. Luckily I found it (under a pile for about 10 other books) but it made me nostalgic. The book that I’m referring to is Watership Down by Richard Adams, who sadly passed away back in December last year.

While my first introduction to this story was through the animated film (and to this day – the part that upset me the most was the rabbits suffocating in the warren… NOT Woundwort’s grusome end), I remember loving the storyline so much, that I bought myself the book while I was at university. It’s incredibly indepth, and I love the characters progression as their fight to survive in this man-filled world. It always makes me think – what if humans and rabbits swapped places; would the humans be constantly on the run from rabbit overpopulation? Or would the rabbits have more compassion for us?

What have you been up to over the past few days? Link your blogs below so I can catch up with you all!

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