Wig Weekends | Weekend One – Silver Orca Princess

Disclaimer: Any post in this series which contains products have been purchased with my own money for my own personal use. I am not receiving any payment for mentioning any products in these posts, and all opinions are my own.

One of my many vices is buying wigs. Way back in 2014 (when this blog actually started) I bought my very first wig from Geisha Wigs, which is now known globally as Lush Wigs.

Since then, I’ve accumulated several Lush Wigs styles, and I love every single one for different reasons. However, I don’t have opportunity to wear wigs during the week as I am working in an office environment (while I was in retail, I was allowed to wear them every day due to the nature of my role), which provides an issue for a wig addict like myself.

That’s why I’ve started this brand new feature on my blog; wig weekends. I am making it my mission to get as much wear our of each of my wigs as possible, and thought it would be a great way to introduce you to my lack of  style, too!

So, first up – here’s my newest addition to my wig collection, Nannette, and my favourite comfy outfit which I have now dubbed “Silver Orca Princess”

About Nannette

Nannette is one wig which I’ve had my eye on since 2014 when I bought my first wig. I have been hesitant for many years as through numerous bleaches of my own hair, I came to the conclusion that any light colour would not suit my complexion or colouring – how wrong I was!

You’ll meet my two blonde wigs in later instalments who helped cement my love of lighter wigs, but Nannette had really boosted my confidence in a way which no other wig has. I was honestly worried that the silver colour wouldn’t look good, but I am so in love and hoping that my natural hair will one day be as perfect as this.

As with all Lush Wigs, Nannette can be styled with styling appliances that don’t exceed  180°C (356°F) so it can be curled or waved or straightened as long as you can control the temperature! The material is synthetic, and is super duper soft and shiny, which can be dulled a little to look more natural with a spray of dry shampoo!

The Make-Up and Accessories

I’m not usually a make-up kind of person… at least, not lately. I only really know the basics and it’s usually just dark eyeliner and a bit of foundation.

For Nannette, though, I thought I’d be a little more daring and go for a bolder black lipstick – and it works really well! All the pictures I have taken are from the end of the day, so it’s not as good as it was when it was first applied – note to self for next time!

The lipstick is Make Up Academy – Raven, and is cruelty free!

Lush WIgs Nannette

I paired my wig and make-up with my brand new orca pendant from Acrylic Asylum, of which 10% of the price I paid went to the British Marine Divers Marine Life Rescue!

The checkered shirt was from Matalan last year, and I was wearing a pair of skinny blue jeans from Primark!

This is my new favourite look, and I am so sad that it can’t be my every-day style. I am definitely going to be taking this look out more often over the weekend, and Nannette is definitely one of my favourite wigs of all time – isn’t she beautiful?

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