Gaming| First Look at the New Mass Effect Andromeda Race: Kett

I think that I’ve finally got over the ending of Mass Effect 3 (I’m not entirely sure if I was crying at the decisions I had to make or whether I was actually disappointed with the ending that I got) so it’s only fitting that I can actually start getting excited about the next installment in the Mass Effect game library – Mass Effect Andromeda.

I have been following the updates of the game for a while now, but as I was browsing the internet this morning before heading into work, I noticed that Bioware had released information about a new alien race that will feature in the game – the Kett.

We get a few short shorts of these guys in the latest Mass Effect Andromeda trailer, but now we’re finding out a little more about who they are and what they are going to bring to the game.

Are they goodies or the bad guys?

According to Game Informer who got the first exclusive look at the brand new alien on the block, the Kett aren’t going to be best buds with our characters. In fact, they are referred to as the antagonists – but I guess we can’t say that there aren’t individuals who will see our way of thinking… Javik and Leviathan, anyone?

They look a bit scary…

As Mass Effect fans, we’re not overly used to characters that have a lot going on detail wise; in fact, I think the most detail I can see is on Garrus’ face when he gets torn up.

However, that’s all about to change, especially with the introduction of the Kett. The design team have decided to take a more “organic” approach to the character design of this race.

They have a sort of military look while remaining looking quite “natural”. Their armour is made to look like rock and bone, making them look menacing without relying on fancy armour to show these aren’t guys to mess with.

This was also deliberately done to make these aliens look a lot more… well, alien than we’ve been used to so far!

What do I think?

So, with very little given to us in the way of backstory or even in-depth info about who or what they actually have to do with the plot, what are my thoughts?

I’m going to be honest, when I first saw it I thought it was very reminiscent of Javik and his look, especially face-wise, but taking a closer look at the way it is formed, I’m actually so excited to see what these guys get up to – and more importantly how easy they are to fight.

I love how much thought has gone into the design process to come up with such an organic looking antagonist. I’d just love to see what Sheperd would have done when meeting one face to face!



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