Blogtober| Day Thirty One -The Round Up

Phew, October is finally coming to an end!

As much as I have loved blogging every single day this month, I do have to say that it has exhausted me. I write blogs and website content as a job, so coming home to do the same thing for my own blog seems to have gotten a lot harder to do as the month has progressed. However, I have literally loved every second of sharing some of my life with you, and I will definitely be doing more lifestyle posts as part of my blog schedule.

Will I be blogging every day from now on? Probably not. I will, however, be keeping to a stricter posting schedule as I know that I can keep up with blogging every day (even if I don’t manage to get them uploaded on the same date), so having a 3 posts a week schedule should not be a problem for me now! I just need to get organised and plan, plan, plan!

I will definitely be doing another blogging challenge in the future. I feel like this was the kick of motivation that I needed to get my blog going again. I’ve covered a few different topics to what I was covering originally, and from your feedback, I know exactly what you guys love to read!

I hope you have all enjoyed my posts over the course of the month, and more importantly, had a safe, happy Halloween this evening!

Did you take part in Blogtober? What did you think to the challenge? Did you succeed?

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