Blogtober| Day Twenty Five – Jumpers I Need In My Life

I absolutely love jumpers (or sweaters for you American readers out there!) so you can bet that I’ve already got myself sorted for the winter season.

I’ve got a fab squirrel jumper, a Playstation Christmas jumper and although it’s not technically a jumper, I’ve just purchased an N7 Hoody for my Halloween Costume! However, I can’t be a jumper lover without having a wishlist, can I?

  1. This Super Cute Totoro Hoodie:

  2. This equally as cute Pokémon Jumper

  3. This snuggly looking green jumper

  4. This cute looking flower jumper

I think I have a problem – there are too many nice looking jumpers out there!

Are you a jumper/sweater lover, too? What’s your favourite to wear at the moment?

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