Blogtober| Day Eighteen – Am I Prepared for Halloween?

As someone who usually tries to be quite organised with her life, I can safely say that this year for Halloween… I’m not prepared at all.

Last year, I’d already got all my costume sorted and was super excited to get out and about in my Ciri costume. The wig, the outfit… even the belt had been 3D printed for me!

Halloween 2015, assemble!
Halloween 2015, assemble!

This year, I’ve just not had the time. However, I figure that’s where you can come in, dear readers!

What do you think I should go as this Halloween? Bare in mind that I don’t have much time to plan – but any and all ideas would be helpful!

One thought on “Blogtober| Day Eighteen – Am I Prepared for Halloween?

  1. The easiest one I’ve thought of is a Star Trek reference – dress in black (glittery black if you have it), paint one hand green or wear a green glove, and carry a toy Enterprise. One Giant Green Space Hand costume!


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