Nature| Three Things Nature Can Teach Us About Life

I’m a self-confessed nature nut; I love everything about nature and find out new things almost every day through my own research which I do in my spare time.

Whether it’s learning of the plight of cetaceans who are stolen from the oceans for human entertainment, or watching nature do its own thing on the web via, I feel that my life simply wouldn’t be complete without some form of interaction with nature.

In fact, while watching nature – both first hand and through my research – there’s actually a lot that we can take from how the wider world works… and I’m not referring to other humans here either. Looking for a happier, more successful outlook of life? Well, all you have to do is take a look at how ol’ Mother Nature tackles things!

Trees: Keep Your Roots Deep and Stand Tall

If you think about it, trees have a pretty bad time of it here on planet Earth. They’re ripped down to make way for living space for us humans because we’re overpopulating the planet, or even torn down to make everyday items such as paper which we don’t necessarily need anymore seeing as we’re in an age dominated by technology – could you imagine me having to literally handwrite all these posts?


However, while they’re being torn down and massive areas of forest are decimated every day – we still have trees which are hundreds of years old that are still standing as proud as they were over 50 years ago, Why? Because although they may not seem like they know it, they understand that their survival relies on how they lay their roots.

Now, while we don’t have roots ourselves, I believe that we can learn from this; rather than rooting ourselves in the soil, we should give ourselves “roots” in something that we enjoy. Whether it’s a career choice, a place you have always wanted to live or even a lifestyle decision, sometimes it’s important to stick to what you know and put effort into being successful. As a result of this, you’ll be more confident and you’ll essentially be able to stand tall – just like a tree does!

Strong roots means a strong foundation – make sure you’re building yours!

Cetaceans: Family Is Important

Can we forget about SeaWorld, Loro Parque and all those other marine parks for a moment and take a real look at the family bonds that all cetaceans seem to have. It’s very rare that you’ll ever see just one animal on its own; instead, you’re more likely to see a group (or pod) of animals all swimming, hunting and interacting with one another.


You see, they understand the concept of family; each pod is usually made up of many generations of the same family – and in many cases the family members will stay with their specific pod for their whole lives.

Family is important; although they can be annoying at times, they’ll always be there for you.

Oceans: You’re More Powerful Than You Look

On the calmest day, you can be excused for thinking that an ocean is a gentle, soothing natural wonder. However, it’s possibly one of the most unpredictable forces of nature – so much so, that it was responsible for shaping our continents by beating against rock and eroding it away.


I think this is what makes the ocean so alluring; it can look calm and tranquil, but is actually a force to be reckoned with. People are essentially the same – we’re all more powerful than we look, whether for good or bad. Who’d have thought that humans would dominate the planet when dinosaurs ruled the Earth?

As a person, you’re just as powerful as the seas around the world. If you’ve got a goal in mind, then there’s nothing that should be able to stop you from achieving it – not even a hard rock coastline!

People should look more to nature – whether it’s to appreciate what we have on this planet, or even to gain some inspiration in their life!

What have you learnt from nature? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Nature| Three Things Nature Can Teach Us About Life

  1. This is a really beautiful post! I love the last two especially. My family is everything and it’s something that I’ve always felt, but I believe it more and more the older I get. I also love the last one because it’s so true!


    1. I am so glad you like my post! I’ve been thinking a lot about things lately and found myself asking “how does nature combat this”. Family is so important – I just wish more humans would realise it!


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