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So, the new Warcraft film is coming out quite soon and to say that I’m pretty excited is an understatement! I get to see all my favourite in-game characters on screen – what more could a girld want?

However, I’m pretty unsure about a few things. It’s not that I don’t like the fact that there is a film dedicated to Warcraft – because that’s pretty awesome – but it’s more about how they going to handle it in film form. Game to film has never really been something that I’ve been actively into, but it seems like there’s a new trend of video games being made into films – Assassins Creed, anyone?

In this blog, I’m going to cover some of my expectations of the film and what I expect to see when it hits the cinemas in June (May 30th for all you UK people!)

Will It Look Good as Live Action?

For starters, I’ve been wondering how it’s going to look in live action as opposed to fully animated scenes. This is simply because Blizzard have always excelled in creating amazing animated cinematics for their games and they’re pretty well known for being pretty damn awesome at it too.


However, as an Animation graduate, I know exactly how much time and effort goes into animating something, and to be fair, it would take quite a while for the animation department to step their game up to such a high film industry level, it probably wouldn’t be fair to them or the storyline that they are covering to make it fully animated.

We currently don’t know what they’re like with live action just yet, but I can’t help but feel a bit hesitant with the film being mostly live action with obvious CGI elements – I mean come on, there’s no-one really ugly enough to pull off an orc look without some serious prosthetics and make-up!


I am, however, looking forward to the animated sections of the film; after all this is where Blizzard really excel.

Is It Going to be Cringeworthy?

Secondly: how cringeworthy is this whole thing going to be?


We all know that Blizzard loves a bit of cheese and that it works incredibly well within the game storyline. We also know that the story of the lore works very well in both the literary sense (there’s the series of books which the games are based on) as well as the game world… but how it is going to be conveyed on the big screen could be very different.

Again, from creating a cinematic to open their latest expansion (hurry up, Legion!) or a short cinematic to highlight an important plot point, we can only hope that Blizzard’s skill in bringing the action to us converts well to live action, because this could be a really awesome film if they do it right!

Will the Lore be More Interesting?

Lastly: I’m quite excited about lore aspect of the film.

I haven’t read any lore and have not played any of the Warcraft games, but I am finding myself more and more intrigued and interested in finding out a little bit more about the characters that play alongside me in game – especially Khadgar in the last few xpacs – and, more importantly, finding out the reasoning behind some of the choices that they make later in the World of Warcraft series.


Plus, who doesn’t want to see the gallant Thrall as a tiny little baby orc? He actually is quite cute for a baby!

All in all, I’m expecting quite a cinematic experience, but I’m still not completely sure whether I will go and see in the cinema or wait until it comes out before I watch it.

That and I clearly have no one to go see it with… #lifeofawowaddict.

What do you think about the new Warcraft film? Will you be going to see in the cinema? What expectations do you have? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below or head over to my Facebook and Twitter pages; I’d love to find out what you guys expect!

3 thoughts on “My Expectations of the Warcraft Film | MMOndays

  1. I’m trying not to think about the film so I go into it with zero expectations. I can’t imagine it’ll be GREAT but given that it’s Blizzard it has to at least be decent!


    1. Yeah, with Blizzard’s record with the past few games, I am so apprehensive… but I need to remember this is a film, not a game. Who knows, they may be perfect for film! I’m just too excited to see the lore in a more visual manner!


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