Are You Prepared for Legion? 3 Things to Do Before Launch |MMOnday

So, now that we’ve finally got a release date for World of Warcraft Legion, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start MMOndays back up! I’ve re-subscribed after months of waiting for an update, and I’m ready to rock!

With the August release date approaching fast, there’s quite a bit of preparation to get done… and not really much time to do it! But don’t fret! Here’s my guide to being Legion prepared in time for August!

Get Geared Up

Although it’s well known that your top level raid gear will become defunct once the new expansion launches and you complete the new area quests, its still important to try and get your iLvl as high as possible.

Why? Because it will get you into dungeons quicker. I’m all for questing and levelling that way, but you’ll want to switch it up a bit every now and then and get stuck in to the dungeon (and later on, raid) content.

Not only that, but you’ll have an epic set of transmog gear if you’re going for the latest tier sets!

Gearing up also has another benefit, and that’s…

Get Your Grove Warden

This is currently my main goal, and part of the reason that I resubbed – I just want that damn moose, okay!

To get this mount, you’ll need to take on Archimonde on Heroic or Mythic difficulty, meaning Raid Finder and normal is a no-go. You’ll need to get yourself to atleast 700 iLvl to even be considered for a HC run, and more often than not, people have been asking for upwards of 710.

So, get gearing, get running normals and get that moose! He’s only available before the launch of Legion; it’s currently unknown whether he’ll be available to get after Legion has begun, so if you’re an avid mount collector, make sure you try grab him before he’s gone!

Give Yourself Some Range

Classes are set to look bigger, better and more badass once Legion hits, so make sure you’re getting the full experience by levelling those alts. Yes, if you pre-purchase the game, you’ll get a free 100 boost, but thats only one single character from your whole account.


I’d recommend getting as many of your alts to as near to 100 as you possibly can to take advantage of all the new changes near enough straight away. Chances are you’re probably just sat in your Garrisons anyway, so why not be a bit more productive with your downtime while we wait for August 30th to roll around?

I’m actually getting pretty excited for the new xpac to go live – so much so that I’ve just started levelling a Death Knight with two of my friends! We’re aiming to be 100 before Legion hits!

What are you looking forward to in Legion? Let me know! Drop me a comment below or head over to my Facebook page or drop me a Tweet!

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