How to Really Get Served at a Bar- Fairly Random Friday

It has come to my attention that today is Bartender Appreciation Day, and with the festive season being one of the busiest times of the year for our underappreciated service industry, I thought it would be a great time to honour them in a way which is helpful to both us- the beer supping masses and the bartenders themselves.

With many friends who either are bartenders or have been in the past, here are 5 sure fire ways to get served at a bar without having to be obnoxious- because believe it or not, people don’t like obnoxious people.

Order All Your Drinks At Once

You might be spoilt for choice with the vast range of tasty beverages, but that’s no excuse for wasting your bartenders time by ordering multiple drinks separately.

By all means, order multiple drinks in one go, in fact the more drinks you order for you and your group, the less people will be crowding up the bar and the quicker your group will be served. Just please have an order already in your head before you get to the bar!

Don’t Wave Your Money at the Staff

Oh wow. You have money? Good for you! Being stood around the bar area, it should be pretty obvious that you are either having a drink or looking to order one.

Not only is it incredibly annoying for the people around you- we don’t care that you have 40 quid in your hand, wait your turn- its also incredibly rude. Jut because you are flashing the cash, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get served sooner, you’re just more likely to get ignored until you learn some manners.

Put Money In Their Hand, Not On The Bar

This is something that used to rile me when I worked in retail- you aren’t going to catch some form of disease from placing money directly into someone’s hand.

Don’t place the money on the bar and expect them to pick it up. The bar probably has drink spilled all over it and chances are that your money will get incredibly wet and sticky. Don’t be that douchebag- place it gently into their hand and you’ll find that you’ll receive the same treatment back!

Same goes for if you are that douchebag. Be prepared to pick your change up from the wet, sticky bar and you can be it will be in the most awkward change possible… or maybe that’s just what you’d get if I was the bartender.

Don’t Click Your Fingers or Whistle to get Noticed

Nothing screams “rude” more than clicking your fingers or whistling at staff to get their attention. It’s much like waving your money, but appearing like much more of an arsehole.

If you want to get a bartenders attention, calmly ask them “excuse me”, or subtly motion that you would like to talk to them. They aren’t dogs and they won’t react to your rude gestures. Wait patiently and I guarantee that you will be served sooner than you think.

Order Complicated Drinks First

If your order contains drinks that require some preparation then make sure to order them first. This makes it easier for the bartender to know what to get on the go while pouring the rest of your order.

This is especially true for drinks such as Guinness or cocktails- Guinness especially as it needs to settle before you should drink it.

Getting served at a bar isn’t something that should be hard for people, but it’s understandable that sometimes bar staff refuse to serve certain people until they have learnt some manners. They are there to work, not put up with rude punters, so if it’s taking you a while to get tat bartenders attention, maybe look at how you are behaving.

Of course, you do get the odd arsehole bartender, too but they are few and far between! Make sure if you are heading out for your work Christmas do (like I am tonight!) or just generally out and about in pubs, bars and clubs during the busier festive season, make sure you are being polite to the bar staff- they deserve our thanks and much more respect than they get!

That’s all for this week’s Fairly Random Friday, I’m hoping to get a few more blogs up in the coming few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

As always, keep up to date with me over on Facebook and Twitter! Have a fantastic Christmas party, everyone!

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