3 Ways to Have the Perfect Couple Night In – Fairly Random Friday

Ah, Friday’s. The start of the weekend to us lucky few who are no longer (or have never experienced working in) the retail world. You unlucky people also have to deal with the hordes of Black Friday shoppers, too. I don’t envy you one bit- this is the first year I haven’t worked in retail on Black Friday, and I’m excited to be the customer for once!

It’s a pretty sad day, though, when your better half has to go into work earlier on a Saturday morning. 7am starts should be illegal, in my opinion- having been on both sides of the fence of working weekends.

This week, my lovely boyfriend has this very predicament, so instead of our usual Friday night escapades which involve a few too many down at our local haunts with our friends, we’ve decided on a relaxed evening together at the cinema, watching the final part of the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay Part Two.

So, for a couple who work in very different working environments full time, how do we manage to have relaxing nights in, when inevitably one of us will be in work the next day?

Cook Together

Lately, we’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of utter crap that we are eating. Instead, We’ve been dedicating more of our time together to cooking a meal from scratch. Not just because eating takeaway food all the time is bad, but it’s also helping us save some money for when if we move out together in the future.

Our attempt at a risotto the other week.

You may think that cooking is quite a stressful activity to be doing when trying to have a more relaxed evening, but honestly? We love it! We’re working together to create food which we may not have ever eaten before. I think its this team work that makes it feel nicer… and the food that we’ve cooked hasn’t been a failure yet! I feel that may be because Jordan worked in a restaurant kitchen previously and he knows how to season like a pro. Ah, the perks!

Gaming Time

This might be something that doesn’t work for everyone, but there’s something incredibly therapeutic about sitting and watching someone make their way through a game.

Usually, I’m at Jordan’s house, so he’s usually the gamer and I’m the spectator. It’s fun seeing how other people go about making their way through the game and seeing what they would do differently. It also creates hilarious conversations, especially when games start to glitch out or we notice weird things that are said- which we then turn into weird in-jokes which eventually get explained to fellow gaming friends and the experience is shared once more!

One example of a dubious comment found in Final Fantasy IX… we laughed too hard.

Sometimes, roles reverse and I’m the gamer. In fact, I’ll be starting a series on this blog very soon which sees me doing some playthroughs of retro games such as Fallout and Metal Gear 2… under the watchful eye of the boyfriend! Keep a keen eye out- I’m not sure how I will be documenting it yet!

Netflix… and Relax

No. I refuse to use the term Netflix and chill, mainly because if I turn Netflix on, I want to actually watch the show.

After eating tasty food that we have cooked ourselves and played games until our little hearts are content, we usually wind down the evening by finding a series to watch and binging on a few episodes before I either have to leave to go back home, or we go to sleep.

Didn’t I just tell you I don’t like being disturbed while watching Netflix? Get outta here!

We’ve recently caught up with the latest series of Archer and have started watching Rick and Morty, which isn’t yet on Netflix sadly. Definitely up for any other season suggestions it any of my readers have any! We’re pretty much up for watching anything (except Doctor Who and RomComs).

And that’s it! We tend to be a pretty relaxed couple when it comes to spending evenings together. Because we don’t live together (yet!), it makes it that little bit more special when we do have evenings like tonight where we can do something a little different, and have it as just an “us two” evening. I’m sure I will post a Mockingjay Part Two review after I have seen it, so keep an eye out for an extra blog this week!

If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see on my blog on Fairly Random Friday- or even any other day of the week- be sure to hop on over to my Facebook and Twitter pages and give me a heads up! I want to start being more active on social media, so don’t be afraid to say hi!



2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Have the Perfect Couple Night In – Fairly Random Friday

  1. RE: Netflix. I’ve really enjoyed Silk, Fawlty Towers and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – especially this last one. I’m totally obsessed and I’m desperate for the third series to come out onto Netflix – it’s on the Alibi channel but I don’t have it :(


    1. I will definitely look into those! I used to love Fawlty Towers as a kid, but I didn’t realise it was on Netflix!

      Thanks for the recommendations! I can always rely on you for the best ones! :D


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